Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Practice continues to help businesses in a range of areas.

We investigate accidents and ill health and can provide recommendations for risk reduction following such an investigation.

The Occupational Health Practice can conduct health surveillance as may be necessary for example following a Risk Assessment and in cases of illness, or injury, can determine an employee’s capability for work.

Where a member of staff is unfit for work The Occupational Health Practice, in conjunction with the member of staff and the employer, determine what work, if any, the member of staff is fit to undertake without further deterioration to his or her health.

We can work with the employer, and the member of staff to provide and monitor a rehabilitation programme designed to return the employee to fulfilling employment.

The Occupational Health Practice will support businesses in the development of a working environment that is safe for staff, visitors and contractors.

This support can be provided to the business and to individual employees who have any health concerns that may affect their work or who have concerns regarding any work related matter that could affect their health and safety.

We provide Occupational Health Services to a number of key industries.

Agriculture / Horticulture

Considered to be one of the higher risk industries, agriculture/horticulture is known for injuries and even fatalities, making occupational health services of utmost importance. From an occupational health risk assessment to health and safety laws for employees, we can provide you with quality services that ensure the protection of your employees and your adherence to required legislation.

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Whilst the industry has progressed with regards to occupational health services, construction still sees many workers suffer from work-related illnesses and injuries. Protect your business, your bottom line and, most importantly, your staff with our range of best practice occupational health services for the construction industry. This ensures that you minimise risk, conduct your work as safely as possible and meet all necessary health and safety requirements.

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From trips and falls to heavy lifting accidents, as well as the dangers of fatigue and poor fitness behind the wheel, the logistics industry is rife with occupational health risks. Employee occupational health services, then, are a crucial component of being a responsible employer in this industry. Support your staff, protect your business and adhere to workplace health and safety regulations with our expert services, aimed specifically at the logistics industry.

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Oil and Gas

With exposure to a broad range of occupational health risks, the oil and gas sector - both on and offshore - requires strict workplace health and safety regulations. Our occupational health and safety services ensure that your company is in the best possible position to minimise risk to your staff, treat unavoidable accidents and injuries and is in line with workplace safety regulations.

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