Occupational Health Services provided to the Agriculture / Horticulture Industry

In the last ten years alone, almost one person each week has died as a direct result of agricultural work in the UK. Add to this the thousands of workers that have suffered from agricultural work-related illnesses and injuries and it’s clear to see why this industry continues to pose a significant Health and Safety Risk to those involved.

Recognising Risks

Good employers in the agricultural or horticultural industry recognise Health, Safety ( security and Environmental) Hazards should be identified and associated risks Controlled and Mitigated.

The support that the Occupational Health Practice provides to employers, and employees, in this Industry Sector are well established and continue to promote a safe and efficient working environment.

Our broad range of workplace health and safety services are carried out by industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge in both occupational health and the agricultural/horticultural sector.

We recognise the importance of understanding the demands and requirements of your specific industry and tailor our services to reflect that. This ensures that you and your employees receive the most valuable service possible.

Broad range of services

Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental Acts and Regulations applicable to the agricultural/horticultural sector are both extensive and demanding. We can support you in identifying the legal requirements for your particular business, then ensure that you, and your employees, understand, and are capably of complying with, these statutory Duties and Obligations.

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