Occupational Health Services provided to the Construction Industry

There have been radical changes to the management of Heath Safety and welfare in the Construction Industry in the last decade. However the Construction Industry Sector as a whole continues to have a significant number of fatalities each year, and long term personnel illness and injury. The emotional, financial and physical impact can be devastating for both employees and their companies.

Recognising Risks

Every Employer in the Construction Industry has a duty to Identify work place Hazards and to manage, control and mitigate associated Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental Risks should it not be possible to eliminate the Hazard.

It is therefore imperative that a responsible construction company sources a reputable and professional provider of occupational health and safety services. Additionally, employers should look for workplace health and safety providers that can tailor their work specifically to the needs and individual requirements of the construction industry.

The Occupational Health Practice has a demonstrable background of delivering workplace health and safety services that support employers and employees alike in their day-to-day activities. From ensuring that appropriate methodologies are in place, that each task is adequately risk assessed, to providing the necessary information around health and safety regulations in the workplace, we will work with your business to develop a tailored, available (24/7) and supportive occupational health service.

Broad Range Of Services

The human, financial, and reputational cost of not adhering to statutory Duties and Obligations relating to workplace health and safety in the construction industry are significant. It is therefore essential that statutory Duty and Obligation are given the necessary level of ongoing attention. Talk to The Occupational Health Practice today to learn how we can support you in fulfilling your duties and obligations to your Employees, the Self-employed, your Clients and your Investors.